$35 Computer...

This is the Raspberry Pi! It's a $35 dollar computer the size of a credit card that has the ability to run basic desktop computer functions such as internet browsing, document writers, videos, youtube, education programs, PC games + more. It has 2 USB connections and can connect to a television via RCA composite. A big bonus is that it runs on 4 AA batteries.

This computer is truly made for developing countries. The rep. at Raspberry Pi has informed me that it was built with USB internet sticks in mind. This is amazing! Keep in mind 1hr of internet only costs around 15pesos in the Philippines and their telecommunications network blankets rural areas. We are very excited for this.

It is currently in Alpha stage at the moment and they are planning a late November global release. Once we get our hands on it and test it out, we are looking forward to be able to distribute them to families and students in need of a computer in the areas we are helping. If you want more information please visit the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Special thanks to their team and organization for developing this ground breaking technology. 

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