Art Playground Project:

Art Playground is community orientated event where people come together and create art. During the event (depending on the venue) people have various art stations at their disposal. They will sit together in groups and simply make art.

These sections can include: a painting station, a illustration station and a jewelry (Friendship Bracelets, Bracelets, Necklaces) Station. Each station will be either overseen by a experienced artist who will aid them in creating  or instructions for them to follow. Once they are finished with their art project they have the option either to keep the art or donate it to Peace Quest, which will ship it out abroad to the countries they are helping. By giving these families abroad art, we believe, it will inspire creativity and empower artistry within their family unit. 

Art is a very powerful tool that enables people to express their lives, energy and emotions in a health manner. This is an engaging event, that brings together local artists and people in the community together for a good cause.

This is an all ages project.

Art Playground is about:
  • Expressing imagination
  • Building confidence
  • Developing creativity
  • Self-Control
  • Team work
  • Making new friends
  • Communication Skills


Peace Quest Knights Project (January 2012 - September 2012)

Peace Quest Knights is a basketball team started by Moses Ramos, in Bagiuo City, Philippines. The goal of the project is to encourage ex-gang members and low income adults to stay off the streets. Our belief is that by giving them an outlet to focus their energy, we can inspire them to make positive choices in their lives. Peace Quest acts as their official sponsor, pays for their entry fee, sports jerseys for tournaments and also sends them sports equipment contributed by our supporters. We are currently sponsoring 10 players.

This is currently a young adult project that targets low income men from 18-30 years old.

Peace Quest Knights is about developing: 
  • Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Team Work
  • Self-Discipline & Concentration
  • Social Skills
  • Creating Confidence
  • Co-ordination
  • Competitive Skills

The Cypher Project (February 2010 - October 2011):
The Cypher is a grassroots hip hop event started by MC FÜBB, DJ Combo and the Hip Hop Headz (H3) community in downtown Toronto in the summer of 2009. The Cypher is an event where hip hop MCs, DJs, producers, and other artists from around the world come to meet and showcase their talents and skills, and gives them an opportunity to network and create business opportunities. The Cypher is an event designed to keep alive the spirit of spontaneous creativity and showmanship that can occur only in hip hop. The Cypher is an opportunity for various members of the hip hop community to perform, network, build community and have fun. 

Artists sign up to take part in group performances called "cyphers", in which each performer takes a few minutes on the mic and then passes it on to the next performer. All performances occur over music supplied by a live DJ, beat boxer, or producer. There are also a few spots at The Cypher reserved for featured artists to perform their own sets.

This is a youth based project that targets teenagers and young adults from the ages of 16-25. The Cypher gives an outlet for individuals to express themselves and their thoughts in a positive and engaging environment with no constraints. Everyone is free to get on the mic and speak their mind. 

The Cypher is about: 
  • skill development  
  • stage performance
  • increasing music knowledge
  • improving poetry & writing skills
  • personal development
  • building relationships/collaborations 
  • mentorship
  • creating job opportunities
The Cypher also incorporates philanthropy work, such as, donation raisers and fundraisers for Peace Quest. For more information visit


- Successfully hosted 21 various Cypher events.
- Over 100 hip hop local emcees, beat boxers, producers, singers and DJs have performed at the Cypher.
- The people who attended or took part of the cypher ranged from: 5-40 years old.
- The Cypher block parties allowed artists (of any age) to perform in front of hundreds of people.
- Hosted a successful concert with New York Hip Hop artist J-Live at The Great Hall in Toronto.
- Performed The Cypher event in Chicago at Subterranean.
- Collaborated with various organizations and local businesses such as: The Academy,ManifesTOLong Board LivingUforChangeSt. Stephen's Community House & Pedestrian Sundays in Kengsinton Market.
- Media appearances on Community Bytes on Rogers TelevisonCBC Radio Radio 1 with Robin Brown, and the Bigger Than Hip Hop Show on CHRY 105.5.
- Collected over 1000 items of clothing, toys, books, sports equipment, and other material donations.
- Partnered up with Swipe Lab to market The Cypher iPhone Application.