The Expanse (Art & Music Event) Recap & Pictures...

Here our some pictures of "The Expanse" event, that took place on Saturday, December 3rd. It was an amazing night filled with good music, good people, good vibes, magic, sweets and lots of art. Thank you to Nelvin C. for taking these great pictures.

These are all the main sponsors of our event.

It was a fun night with a very mixed crowd of people. Truly a melting pot of cultures and styles.

The Suite provided delicious luxury cupcakes for the night.

Stylish take home cupcake boxes.

The Suite calls them their Truffle Cupcakes, sweet & delicious.

The main artist Ajani (also our Social Media Director) along with Jenny JC, one of our sponsors.

Executive Director Jessie Cortes, warming up the crowd with music.

DaFunky Situation performing for the crowd.

Our sponsors from Detonate! Group. They provided all the print materials for the event.

Peace Quest also launched their new project Art Playground. Which is an interactive public art project that encourages people to create during our events. Our goal is to inspire people to make and look at art in a different way. We will have more information on Art Playground soon!

People actually had fun doing this in groups. This person is actually finishing off a painting that someone left undone. 

Thank you to our performers, hosts, sponsors and everyone who came out to support, we will have more pictures and videos up soon!

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