Peace Quest Postcard Fundraiser!

Happy holidays everyone. Just to let you know, we are doing a holiday postcard fundraiser this year! If you make a donation to Peace Quest, we will send you an art postcard to create for people in the Philippines. It's a fun way to wish someone miles away a happy holidays! All we ask is a minimum of $2 (to pay for the postage, print costs & envelopes) if you can give more...great! We leave that up to you.

This is how our postcard program works...

1. Create in the Art Free Area. ex. Draw, glue a picture, paint, or add stickers.

2. Write a Message. ex. Happy holidays, a poem, a personal story, advice, etc.

3. Post it with an international stamp & drop it in the local mail box.

4. Our Peace Questers distribute them to the villages we are helping!

If you want a postcard, you can donate via PayPal by clicking here. Happy Holidays!

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