Postcards and Art Kits to The Ilocos Medical Center

Thank you to everyone who sent in their postcards! We gave them out to the Ilocos Training and 
Regional Medical Center, which is a a government run hospital in San Fernando City.

The kids that received your postcards and art kits are pediatric patients with leukemia, pneumonia, dengue hemmorhagic fever, typhoid fever and patients who have dengue hemmorhagic fever.

A lot of these kids are going through some serious life-threatening illnesses. Imagine being in a hospital for hours on end with no cell phone, no television and no entertainment.

Not only does the art kit give them something to do awaiting treatment but YOUR personal art and message of love makes a difference in their healing process. 

 Very special thanks to Aiz Jacalan, who put together the art kits and gave your postcard out personally to each patient.

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