Christmas Gifts & Postcards

Thank you to everyone who supported our empower project program this year! We were able to purchase 30 art kits and toys for youth in the Philippines for Christmas.

We purchased toys and art kits, all from local stores in the Philippines.

A personal message to everyone who supported! Salamat Po!

Many of these kids regift things during Christmas or they are passed down toys from their siblings. Sometimes we take for granted our material possessions, since they are so abundant and available.  To these youth, materials are such a treasure and have meaning to their lives. It's something of prestige and value to them. 

Alongside the toys and art kits, we also gave out your personal postcard messages. Something they can take home to their parents or guardians to share. Thank you again for helping us do this. It was an incredible experience to feel their joy and happiness. We hope it will inspire you!


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