Art Playground Project...

Art Playground is community orientated event where people come together and create art. During the event (depending on the venue) people have various art stations at their disposal. They will sit together in groups and simply make art.

These sections can include: a painting station, a illustration station and a jewelry (Friendship Bracelets, Bracelets, Necklaces) Station. Each station will be either overseen by a experienced artist who will aid them in creating  or instructions for them to follow. Once they are finished with their art project they have the option either to keep the art or donate it to Peace Quest, which will ship it out abroad to the countries they are helping. By giving these families abroad art, we believe, it will inspire creativity and empower artistry within their family unit. 

Art is a very powerful tool that enables people to express their lives, energy and emotions in a health manner. This is an engaging event, that brings together local artists and people in the community together for a good cause.

This is an all ages project.

Art Playground is about:
  • Expressing imagination
  • Building confidence
  • Developing creativity
  • Self-Control
  • Team work
  • Making new friends
  • Communication skills
Check out our past Art Playground event here.

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